Where it all began

Brijesh shrestha a renowned nepali singer who has been giving amazing contents to Nepali music industry since a long time . A veteran music producer with attribute of singing ,he has been continuously developing his skills and work in the genre of “Hip Hop” and “RnB ” . He started working in a production house and now he owns his own record label “NESS STUDIO” and also has given us many hits like “kanchi a kanchi” , “crush” and many more

Discovering Myself

From his earlier life he had an interest in music and used to sing in his school function and gatherings etc.Prakash Neupane used to be praised for his voice which made him inspired to be a singer.He initially had no intention of a becoming a rapper & R&B singer.Soon after his School level examination, he rushed away to Kathmandu as all the students do. Initially having no desire to sing a song as a professional singer or having not any aim to be a singer,later he thought of recording a song and had a wish to record a song.Therefore with some pocket money that he had saved,He recorded a song named ‘Aaideuna’ & released it. Due to the song lacked good lyrics and composition his first song couldn’t get success but also few peoples started to know him. Secondly he recorded another song ‘Maya ‘ but it never tally his expectations. So he dropped the idea of recording songs. Then with the help of desk and guitar, he started doing music composition. He also composed song for his friends and other singer. In this period, he got job as an social media manager on a company. At the end of the year 2015, Prakash recorded his Fourth official song “Sunana” which comprised of his own lyrics and composition. The song was released. People loved the song. Prakash Neupane was successful to throw an impact on the music lovers. Then followed another single “U Got Me” which successfully captured the no. 1 position of music countdowns for months and months. With two popular single songs in row, Prakash’s debut album “Prakash Tunes” hit the music stands. The album was the great success. Overnight, Prakash turned into a popular music star. His hobbies includes listening to music, watching television and playing guitar. He also reads novels of William Sexphere, BP Koirala, Jhamak Ghimire. His favorite Nepali Singers are Girish Khatiwada, Sugam Pokharel, Narayan Gopal, Jhalak Man Gandharva Etc. He also listens to Ed Sheeran mostly. Good music all around influences him a lot. He actively been participating in lots of stage shows.